Public Information

Public Notice of Proposed $5 Fee Increase- Approved by Board of Trustees

A public hearing will be held Nov 16th 2016 at 6pm, held at CVWRF (sewer plant) 800 W. Central Valley Rd, South Salt Lake, Ut 84119

Proposed increase of $5 per month per residential equivalent

Rebuild of 30+ Yr old sewer processing plant and to meet New Requirements set by EPA and State of Utah

Division of Water Quality

 Why A Rate Increase for 2017

Letter from CVWRF concerning Fee Increase

 CVWRF Nutrient & Asset Management Issues 2016

Lateral Definition

All Lateral Sewers or Building Sewers were initially installed (or will be installed) by owners of property within the District’s boundaries whose property is served by the District. Lateral Sewers or Building Sewers are not part of the District’s system. The District has no responsibility for any Lateral Sewer or Building Sewer. 
All ownership, maintenance, repairs, and replacements of any Lateral Sewer or Building Sewer are the sole responsibility of the property owner whose property is served by the District. The term “Lateral Sewer” is defined as follows: “That portion of any sewer and all parts thereof beginning at the plumbing outlet of any building, structure, institutional, industrial, or other structure or facility and running to the District Main Sewer, including the connection to the District Main Sewer (e.g., Inserta Tee, wye, nose-on, etc.). The terms “Lateral Sewer” and “Building Sewer” are synonymous.”

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